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Aloha Loves ❤️  

Well, this is a first.. never in a million years did I imagine that I would become "a blogger". Whatever that  Yes, I am laughing out loud just by saying that out loud! Disclaimer, I’m not a writer by any means so you will get raw imperfections straight form the heart ~ right to this page..

I have learned all kinds of new things on this journey to 're-brand' Mai Love Designs. Us heart-connectors, nature lovers, belly to belly kind of people, we  have reluctantly come to realize that the world has shifted and changed into a virtual space more than any of us really want to believe. I realize I will meet more of you here and have the ability to make a difference more then anywhere else. So here I am joining the forces 'aka if ya can't beat um, join um! Eeeeeeek! 

For those of you meeting us for the first time ~ we are the Mai Ohana (family), we live and create from our home on the north shore of Kaua'i. My husband Savino and I have 4 children ranging from 4 to 16 years old. We have been designing jewelry since 2005 after moving back to Kaua'i from Tahiti where I met Savino and fell in Love. My mother Jai hired me to help her with her jewelry business. I pretty quickly fell in love with creating things that I wanted to wear. I soon realized many other women and friends wanted to wear the pieces I was making. Inspired from the love Savino and I shared of the Ocean ~ the beauty, movement and flow, many of my designs were born. Our signature heart hoop earrings quickly became a local favorite. Quality, weightlessness and simplicity are what makes our pieces so special.

Each piece is handcrafted with our love ~ with an added signature heart charm for each piece to be worn over your heart ~ made to remind you to align with your heart and always choose love. Life can be tough, so many layers and seasons... It is also such a gift, the most beautiful thing.. We want to help you SHINE through life and share your unique sparkle with the world! We hope our story and designs inspire you to LIVE IN LOVE, to rise above judgment so that you may see yourself and the world through eyes of compassion. To allow the wisdom of love to orchestrate your movements, always seeking to produce thoughtful conscious actions that support the good of all beings and to emit peace and love into the ocean of humanity with your every step. Living in Love is allowing yourself to move through life with an open heart so that all may share in the gift of your goodwill and kindness. 

You are Magic ✨

xx julie mai ~

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