Our Ethos

Our Ethos- "A Call to Human Ethics" 

In a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, Mai Love's unique designs are conceived and created by hand to make an impact. Our designs recognize the role of jewelry both in everyday personal expression and in encouraging and maintaining unique emotional connections. We strive to create pieces that are evergreen: sophisticated, simple elegance, uncomplicated designs made with materials that are durable, natural, and conscientiously sourced.  Every piece of metal handshaped, every pearl and every stone tells a story, and the Mai Love Ohana hopes that you’ll make that story part of your own.
It's a fact: We all pollute and use up natural resources to some extent. We’re constantly taking steps to improve our process so we can operate as sustainably as possible. We craft in small batches locally in our kauai, Hermosa and Celuk workshops, partnering with local artisans and other family run businesses like our own who employ the same slow fashion, full circle ideology. Living an authentic life isn’t just a singular decision, but many that add up to make a difference.