Mai Love Ohana / About

Between the island and the wave, there is a place where pearls are made. The perfect conditions bring two elements together, to make something better, something possible, something beautiful, that wasn’t there before. That is our story. Love found between island and wave. 


This love has led to life well lived. From the surf of Tahiti to the jungles of Kauai we became a team. Adventuring inspired the dream. Natural beauty inspired elegant design. Love inspired a family. Together we laugh, surf, and create. 


Julie, lead designer, is bold and beautiful with a vision for every woman to live life aligned with heart and share their natural allure, playfulness and sensuality with the world. Savino, master crafter, is calm and steady, focused on bringing the vision of Mai Love to life with attention to details that complete the design. The girls and the babes inspire the vision of taking this art all the way and of course remind us everyday to  stay in the moment and thoroughly enjoy the ride. 


We create with love and passion, determined to build a legacy of heart and beauty, that inspires. We are an Ohana (family) that believes beauty is everywhere and in everyone, kindness is as easy as a smile, Aloha everyday is the best way to live, and that heart work is the best work. We are known for distinctive simple yet sexy designs, highest quality materials, fresh style, and personable professionalism that has rooted our company and kept a continuous stream of customers coming back for more since 2006. We are confident that you will find your favorite everyday designs within our collection. 

We invite you to join our tribe! 

Live in love, Mai Love! 💙